What school?

My 7 year old has adhd, odd and some other diagnoses. He has been expelled from 3 schools. There is a school near us that has kids with disabilities/learning disability’s/ bad behavior. I don’t know if I should put him in that school or enroll him in another school. It’s hard to find a school now.. he was expelled for fighting and being rude to others/cursing any suggestions


Pearl where can you get the help you need. We all know you have mental issues and spelling issues and you will not seek help. What is your problem trying to pretend you are not mentally sick??


A school that specialized in dealing with disabilities/behavioral issues may be a blessing for your son. When all the kids at school are "different", then nobody is "different". He won't stand out for all the wrong reasons. Teachers and staff all have special training, awareness, and expertise in dealing with kids with special needs. That makes the staff "special". He may flourish in an environment where everybody understands him and knows how to deal with him.

Suzy Q

If he's been expelled from three regular schools, it sounds like it is time to accept that regular schools just aren't the right place for him. The teachers at those schools aren't trained to handle his behavioral issues, and if the result is him getting into fights, this just isn't the best environment for him. The staff at the special school are trained to handle his kind of behavioral issues, and to guide him to deal with his impulses in a better way. I know none of us like the idea of our child going to special ed, but enrolling him there instead of trying regular school #4 might just be the best thing that could happen for him.