Dealing with ex friends?

While I was in college I became really good friends with two people, just to make things easier the guys name is Josh and the girls name is Jess. I have known Josh for close to six years and I knew Jess for about a year before I started developing feelings for her. She was the one who took the initiative and told me how she felt and I let her know I felt the same way, although she just wanted a fwb relationship while I wanted more. Jess lead me on and long story short we are no longer friends. Josh on the other hand, while a good friend at first started getting jealous about everything, girls, grades etc and over the past few months I have cut him off as well. He kept bringing up Jess, and how I messed things up with her plus he let me know she was seeing someone else which made it q bit harder to move on which I have now. Josh and Jess are still good friends and even after I have made it clear I dont want to be friends with either of them, Josh keeps trying to find out what I am up to and I know its because Jess told him to. I have made it clear to them I don't want to be their friends so I don't know why they can't mind their own business or what I should do in this situation


Let them know how you feel. Make sure you reiterate that you aren't trying to offend anyone, but make it clear that you're trying to move on from the past.


Don't be afraid to move on. People change And the relationship may not be favorable To continue.