How to handle not being cast in a show...?

I have always been casted in this community theaters spring musicals. For the bast 4 years...and suddenly they do a disney show (i was SUPER excited for). And suddenly im not cast. All my firends did but i confused. I feel like im being isolated and cut out of a group that i thought i mattered in. I have had friends and confidence trouble in theater before and this was a hugle blow to my confidence and my relationship with thease people. I have tried to use my new found free tine to focus on school and work but there is only so many days work will give me and school im pretty up to date not having this to do on the side is...i feel like a big part of my life is missing. My boyfriend and family bare no comfort and jsut dont understand. So i feel practically alone in feeling hurt by this. And i don't mention it around them bc they make me feel bad about being up set over this. I also feel like there is a lot of precasting/ nepotism bc the Directors boyfriend got the male lead and her two of her best friends got the sidekicks (one of thease friends isbthe owners daughter and didn't want to even do the show to begin with). Im just really up set and imngeting flash backs to a really toxic friendship from high school who made me hate theater...(this group was theaching me to love it again) and idk what to do...


Did you ask why you weren't cast? It might be favoritism, so maybe you will never know the truth if they lie about it. Can you do something else to help with the show so you can stay around your friends?


ok can you speak to a psychologist privately to help you with this i don't recommend drugs that does not help people don't speak to the people that don't understand can you see a stylist to help you as well take a extra singing and dancing class could you try out a different theatre group what about putting on your own show and a local hall and ticketing it and casting it Mary Poppins is so popular at the moment you could make money small time do something innovative then after Mary Poppins the Sound of Music Sing and Dance along get the audience to be the stars on the hill dancing around


Don't get into acting unless you love rejection. It comes with the territory.