Is this protecting/looking after herself?

My friend told me not text/message/call this guy I’m interested in ever again, I didn’t ask her if I should, the guy I’m interested in didn’t do anything wrong I was messaging him on Facebook while she was taking me home....she asked me who I’m messaging. Later she told me whenever we hang out to leave him out of the conversation. She told me I can’t text him my location.....she has no control of that. I ask her why can’t I talk about him, she told me she feels he is the main focal points in my stress and anxiety (which is NOT true at all) and she wants to avoid the subject of him. I barely talk about him to her. Her and I hardly hang out together and her and I don’t really text/Facebook message each other. If we do, I don’t talk about him. I feel she’s protecting/looking after herself, she’s jealous or she’s insecure. Thoughts? She’s not like this with her other friends and their interests.


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I think your friend is a control freak or she wants to make a play for him herself. If you want to, just for your own benefit, Google his name and see if anything comes up. I don't give out my location on any social media I have no idea how many ways things can be hacked, but I don't need people to know when my home is unoccupied. I'm guessing you don't own a home.