This is an ongoing situation and I need guidance, please help?

My friend, who is also my roommate, and I got into an argument two days ago - in the afternoon. Afterwards, we went our separate ways to cool down, and later that night, we talked about the things we didn’t like about each other. We were not yelling, we were not about to fight, we were just talking about the things we didn’t like about each other. 10 minutes later, the police comes to our dorm, asking my roommate if she’s ok, and what was going on. I was confused on why the cops were called because we weren’t yelling or fighting. When I asked her about why she called the cops, she said that she told her friends what was going on and they called the cops. So, I asked her what did she tell her friends that made them think to call the police, and she never told me what she said. She just said that she didn’t know that they were going to come, or that her friends were just being overprotective. I asked her a second time, why she had the cops come, and she said that she exaggerated what was happening. I have a recording of her saying that she told her friends, “I can’t do this anymore. She’s going to make me do something to myself.” She then told me that when her friends called her and she didn’t answer, that’s when they called the cops. I know I can’t take this information to the cops, but can my housing director do something about this?


No you can't do much about this. I would walk on eggshells around her and avoid upsetting her if possible. You could get expelled for causing trouble to a suicidal (even if she isn't) victim. Edit: Good god what are these answers!? You're blaming her for her unstable roommates irrationality? Have you no shame? This woman is the real victim here. I only advised she avoid upsetting her out of her best interest because she could get in serious trouble - even if it isn't her fault. What warped and inverted senses of victimhood Yahoo Answers has.


Not sure what your question is, but it sounds like you need to not be roommate with this person anymore (definitely not saying that it's your 'fault'). You just need to start looking for other living arrangements immediately. The relationship between you and your current roommate has become unmaintainable if her friends are calling the police over it.


Just make the most of the roommate situation for now and get a new roommate when the year is up. Her friends over reacting one time is not such a big deal but this is annoying. Nothing you could/ should do about it now but when the year is up, move on - she's a lousy roommate.


Let it go. She freaked out and didn't cope with her own emotions. Her friends were afraid that she was going to take her own life, and the cops showed up to stop her. From the story you relay here, you are rather pushy. Try to control that. Learn when to let go of a situation.

Simpson G.

Seems to me the more appropriate action would be to speak with your advisor about who on-campus handles suicide threats. Stop trying to win. Stop trying to force answers for everything. You sat down to discuss what you don’t like about each other??? This is the opposite of what should have happened. Instead, it’s how you feel. “It makes me a bit mental when spoons are put on the coffee table. I’d appreciate it if you’d use saucers or something so they don’t leave crud on the table.” Is way different than “I hate that you can’t clean up after yourself and are ruining my coffee table. Do it or we’ll have a problem.” Apologize to her for being controlling and overbearing. Tell her you guys can use the mediation services provided by student housing to deal with any future major issues, but that you hope she feels comfortable enough to come to you if she’s upset by something you’ve done.