To people who moved out on there 18th birthday,how did you do it?

I haven’t moved out yet, but for one of my friend she it went like this: Her parents were both dipshits. She took her passport,birth certificate,and drivers license from her mom,filled a backpack with everything that she needed. Said friend had $100 dollars to her name. Said friend stayed with one of her friends who was a few years older than her and helped her pay for things for about a month until she found a job. Said friend payed her friend back. Said friend then found a job on a cruise ship. Said friend then stayed with that same person for about a week, and then used the $15000 she saved up to hike the Appalachian trail . When she got back she still had about $6000 left, so said friend used that to make and down payment on a house(house was only $50000) and found a manegerial position at the same chain place she used to work at. Obviously she was incredibly fortunate in how she was able to save , but I’m curious, how did you do it?


It's amazing your friend was able to get a job without the most important document she needed, which would be her social security card, necessary to get hired anywhere legitimately. My mommy didn't hang on to my passport or license. From the day they arrived it was my responsibility to look after them. If you ever need either one, you need to produce it, not say, "Mommy doesn't think I'm responsible or organised enough to keep it safe. It's in her purse." No one has ever asked for my birth certificate. Ever. Your friend didn't give you very good advice (on the off chance this is a real story) I know at least two people who left home before age 18, because their parents were unable or unwilling to provide for them. They became emancipated minors at 16. In some states, that removes a restriction on how many and what hours one is allowed to work. They each got jobs and stayed with friends. They got their diplomas or GEDs and went on with their lives. One is an interior designer. One works retail. Both know how to correctly spell 'paid' and can write cohesive paragraphs without repetitive phrases like, 'said friend.'


Join the Air Force. ;) Instant life... Income, somewhere to live, paid training... Easy to do.


I left home at 19 but I couched surfed till in my late 20s. It was bitter sweet! A lot of pain and fun but I wish I wold have done things differently; however, I wouldn’t change what I did cause that’s my story. I had jobs and such but I partied a lot, so I would stay with different women and friends and I continued to do it for many years. I went all up and down the east coast started in North Carolina went to Georgia to Florida and stopped in other states along the way. I’m now 31 and have a wife an children, work in construction and make a decent living. That’s how I did it, wouldn’t recommend and I wouldn’t trade it for the life I have today!