Who was in wrong?

Went to a braves game with two friends. We got the stand in tickets. You know, no seats so you stand and watch the game. We decided to tall in front of the restaurant to get a view. Like there is no specific place to stand. Anways we're kind of tall and blocked the people behind us. They were really rude to us telling us to get out of the way saying theyd been there for a while before. My friends didn't like it and refused and almost got into a fight with them and security had to come lol. Guy started pushing them to and all.Anyways who was technically wrong. Like i said there was no assinged place to stand you know.


How rude is it to just rush up and stand in front of someone who has been waiting to see the game? It's rude AF! You sound like a total moron.


I mean, they didn't have to be so rude about it, it is a crowded place anyway. it happens. Not really "faults", but they didn't have to agitate you guys so much, and no one really needed to be physical.


It s totally nobody's fault. No wrong one here. May all be so well.