Why did my guy friend bring me a coffee and some treats?

This morning I had work and I went in early morning. I always tell my friend how I have a hard time eating breakfast. So, he always tends to bring me coffee and he'll sometimes make me food. He surprises me at work and will bring me breakfast and lunch. It gets the other girls so jealous and it makes him blush when I'm smiling (I figured that out after the fourth time he brought me food). Ben will compliment me on what I'm wearing and hug me. I asked why he did this once and he got so nervous and blushed and walked away.

Indigo Shojo

He has a crush on you. Its pretty cute that he's thoughtful enough to bring you some goodies. However, he's a bit introverted. So, don't ask him leading personal questions that he's too shy to answer. Just enjoy your relationship and do things together that you both enjoy.

The Lord Humungus.

He wants to bang you. It is dishonest to keep taking advantage of him without acknowledging this.