I want to move and have a family but my partner doesn’t want relocate because of his current kids with his ex wife, should I leave?



Why do you need to relocate in order to have a family? No offense I’m just wondering I can’t understand why you’d date/marry a guy with past kids... yet then want him to move hundreds of miles away from his kids. Like huh? If you wanna move to an entirely new state to start a family, then why would you pick a guy who’s already got kids here? I mean there’s no rationale behind that at all, unless you simply enjoy causing pain and harming children and families. Sorry I’m just being honest here.


Yes, you should leave. That would be best for HIM. If you are the type who would even consider ripping him away from his children, then you (personally) are not marriage material, and you are not the type that any guy should want to make babies with.


In this sort of situation partners with children with an ex usually want to maintain regular contact with the children.so choose to live nearby. This is normal. What you should do all depends on how you feel about it. You really cannot expect him to forget his children from his first relationship, move away and start a new family. You just need to ask yourself " Will I be able to accept and tolerate living near his first family?".


Yes. You should not have a family with a divorced person or parent. Marry a bachelor.

Barb Outhere

Should you leave? YES, if you can't accept that his kids will ALWAYS be a very important part of his life - as it should be. YES, if you think having kids with him will somehow replace those "current kids" he already has. YES, if you can't or aren't prepared to share him with ALL his kids - those he has now and any you might have together. After all would you want him to be willing to leave YOUR kids behind if it doesn't work out between you two? YES, if the real reason you want to move is to have him all to yourself.

daljack -a girl

He's going to have those "current" kids until he dies. Something to really think about.


leave , go pack now and leave


Yes if thats what you really want to do.


If you want to leave on your own, weigh the odds. Do a list of pros and cons, maybe? I can't blame the guy because when we have children, they are an extremely important part of our lives. I guess if a person has no children of their own, they dont realize this at all. So you have yet to realize. We have to accept our partners at face value, and if we can't they aren't the one for us


If moving is more important than being with him, then yes. There is no compromise, you can't expect him to leave his kids for you.