I went w/ my wife to her home country for 2 weeks when I didnt even speak the language. Yet she cant even watch the superbowl w/ my family?!?

My wife speaks both english and portuguese very fluently/perfectly. I speak english only. We live in America. My wife had me go with her to see her family in Portugal, and I went with her for 2 entire weeks on this trip because I knew it would make her happy. That's right! I did it even tho I dont speak Portuguese, because I knew it would make her and her family happy. And it did. They liked me and they had a great time. And I was happy that they were happy. And I also genuinely enjoyed spending time with her family, too. But now, today, my wife is throwing a stupid little temper tantrum bcuz she doesnt even wanna hang out with my family for 2 freaking hours watching the Super Bowl even tho it would break my dads heart if we cant see him, as we dont see him much. Its not even far, its 15 mins away. Yes, my wife has an excuse (her tooth pulled from a tooth infection), and I get that is painful, however that was 3 days ago and she's been talking mostly fine all day today. I am not even expecting her to talk much, just to act civil, smile, and be friendly. I told her she can be relatively silent if her mouth hurts, but to please come with me, relax, and not BE A PROBLEM while I spend time with my dad But she insists on BEING A PROBLEM!! And I am PISSED! Because I literally went out of my way to be nice, smile, nod my head, be respectful and loving to all of her family while she translated for me for 2 entire weeks and yet she cant even spend 1 football game with my fam Oh and no, my parents have never done anything to her. At all. My family treats her like gold, even better than they treat me if I'm being quite honest with you. She is doing the female passive-aggressive manipulation thing, and then denying she's doing it, and then exploding in bursts of anger about how she's mad she has to go bcuz of her tooth, and honestly I find it disgusting bcuz I know its an excuse. I HAD 4 ENTIRE TEETH PULLED BEFORE. I KNOW HOW IT FEELS. Its not THAT bad 3 days later. And I love my wife but I'm a huge fan of one of the teams playing, and this game means a lot to me, and I think it's selfish of her and reflects very badly on her character that she seems INTENT on f*cking up the biggest game of the year for me and a day that means a lot to me. Like why cant she just let me f*cking be happy?


So...why don't you just go and spend the day with your family? I've had dental surgery and it's painful for more than a week. Forcing her to go see your family and watch a football game that doesn't interest her is cruel and petty. Let her stay at home and rest, while you drive 15 minutes and watch the game. Then drive home. Everybody is happy.


I would divorce you. It’s probably like being with a giant baby.

Ace Shorty

Man you're pathetic, you don't see your dad very often yet he only lives 15 minutes away and you're using that as an excuse? Someone needs to put their foot up your rectum. It's not going to be exactly peace and quiet there, be more like a madhouse and someone who is in pain certainly don't need that. Go by yourself. And a football game certainly isn't a 2 hour game.

Kentucky Fried Rat

Dude you're her husband, not her owner

Suzy Q

So because you went on a vacation you genuinely enjoyed, she is now obligated to go to a social event she won't enjoy, while she's in pain and just wants to be home? Oh yeah, that sounds really reasonable. Especially the way you present a fun vacation as a huge sacrifice you now demand payment for. By the way, is there any particular reason you can't go spend a few hours with your dad without having your wife hold your hand? Are you disabled, or literally joined at the hip? Because it sounds to me like you can both get what you want without a fight: you go watch the Superbowl with your dad, she gets some peace and quiet at home.


I don't watch the "Superbowl" either. This is England not America, what the fk they show it here for is a mystery. I bet they don't show the Ashes (Cricket) in America. I say fk the Superbowl.


you do not sound like a husband that wants to make your wife "happy" at all, maybe she dislike drinking and party and loud cheerings? just let her stay home, a game do Not matters more than your wife, i do not see any problem at all

Kevin K.

Maybe your family was mean to her at some point.


What you need to do is be the alpha you claim to be, put your foot down and tell her "Honey, I spent two weeks with your family, if you can't spend a few hours with mine when it's important to me, then pack your stuff and get out." Then tomorrow morning you file for divorce.


Argument today, divorce tomorrow? Because you both seem to be unreasonable, short tempered types who want only what's best for yourselves, not each other. It's not a union which will last unless you learn to talk to each other in a reasonable way and really discuss what's troubling you.