Difference between marriage and wedding?



Wedding is a ceremony. Marriage is an ongoing commitment to stay married.

Barb Outhere

Wedding is a single day the celebration of the start of your marriage and the marriage is hopefully the rest of your lives together.


Marriage is the unity of 2 individuals who are (sometimes) in love who decide to take the step past a normal relationship. A wedding is basically just a ceremony celebrating the marriage. Although now a days weddings are such a big deal for one is not required to get married. Think of marraige like your birthday and a wedding like a birthday party. You dont need a birthday party to become a year older


A marriage is the legal relationship between two people. A wedding is the ceremony that results in a marriage.


A wedding is an event, like a birthday party. A marriage is a legal commitment.


A wedding is where people go to celebrate 2 people getting married.


A wedding is an event where 2 people marry.