Is it okay for a woman to go topless at a beach with her friends who are encouraging her to go, when her husband doesn't like the idea.?

The woman intends to go topless. Nude bathing is allowed. Some of her friends may go nude, including men friends in the group. The husband knows she might decide to go nude as well and tell him about it later. The husband will not be there. The wife isn't being pressured. She wants to go topless. She likes that her friends encourage her. She would probably not go topless alone, She likes the group of friends and likes that they go topless. She hasn't gone before when she was invited, because of her husband's ideas. But this time she has decided to go anyway.


"Okay" depends on a specific relationship. What is "okay" in one marriage is not "okay" in another. I go to topless beaches regularly. Topless beaches are like any other beaches. Certainly infantile men probably go for the peep show, but for the rest of us, no big deal. My husband might ask me not to go topless. He would never deliver a command.

Kentucky Fried Rat

She can go topless if she wants. You are her husband, not her owner


Sure it is, at least here in the northern half of Europe

Barb Outhere

If this isn't something she would have thought to do on her own, wasn't usually comfortable doing, WHY is she allowing her friends to pressure her into it? That is very "High School" sort of behaviour. I suspect her Husband worries why his wife is more influenced by her friends than by his opinions, and why they want her to change. Hmmm?



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if she has pleasant hooters

Suzy Q

So where do you draw the line? If a woman shouldn't go topless (where appropriate) if her husband doesn't like the idea, should she also not wear a bikini if her husband doesn't like the idea of her baring her midriff? Should she not show her cleavage, her collarbones, her knees, her ankles, her hair, her face? Based on what ideas her husband likes, not her personal beliefs? You see, that may sound extreme, but it's all the same issue. It's all about the supposed 'crime' of being 'too attractive' to others unless you cover up. The rest is just haggling over the specific amount and location of permissable body parts.

Ross James

Her body. Her life. Her choice.


She should really only be getting topless for her husband to look at her, not other people. However, we can't control what other people do or their actions, we can only control our own actions. Ask yourself if this is a deal breaker for you or not, she enjoys other people's attention...


Bring your top along with you.

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the wife (or husband) should try to respect the feelings of the other. Some things don't matter and some things matter alot. For example, if the wife doesn't want the husband to go to strip clubs, then the husband, out of respect for the wife, shouldn't go. In this case, I'm guessing the husband isn't going to the beach and he is afraid of what my happen. I would say the wife should respect his concerns. But I also trust my wife, so I wouldn't have a problem with it.


I think it's ok but I'd be asking why the husband is so insecure and leaning towards controlling?

Oh Boy!

Yes, it is.


No it's not OK. Marriage is about respect for each other. And if she fails to respect her husband's feelings, then she's on the way to a divorce. And what kind of friends are those who would encourage a woman to go topless? With friends like that I'd prefer my enemies, at least they don't pretend to be friends.