Does it sound like my husband is cheating on me?

Honestly, this never crossed my mind until a few minutes ago. My husband has a weekday job and is usually off on saturdays and sundays. For the last couple months he has been working extra weekends, claiming he wanted to make more money. I never suspected anything because he paycheck always reflected the extra hours he worked. He has recently reconnected with an old friend. My husband works night shift so he comes home in the morning. He has been hanging out with his old friend pretty frequently in the mornings while I’m still in the bed. I’ve seen his friend with him a few times, so I never questioned where he was going. We have been emotionally disconnected lately but we talked and promised we were going to work on things. Here’s where I got suspicious: i walked out to his car a few mins ago to grab something of mine and I noticed something bright pink under the passenger seat. I grabbed it and it was a woman’s tank top! I knew It wasn’t mine because the tag said it was a size small. I wear a large and haven’t owned a small shirt in years. I confronted Him and he said “it’s got to be yours.” I KNOW IT ISNT MINE! He said “well have any of your female friends been riding with you in my car? No, they haven’t. Then he says “maybe it belonged to the girl I bought The car from. You know she left other things in here.” The girl he bought it from WAS skinny, and looked like a size small, but he bought the car a YEAR AGO and wouldn’t one of us have noticed the shirt by now?


Stop asking questions or else he will start hiding things much better from you. That is very suspicious. There is no reason for a pink tank to be in the car. Get GPS tracking and hide it under his car or in the trunk. Also get a recorder that looks like a computer drive and hide in car to record voices. Also try to act like you don't care and start working out. Make sure you change up your hair and start dressing better.


He’s cheating

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doesnt look good

Barb Outhere

Ladies clothing that isn't yours in a car your husband drives? Unless he is small enough to wear it, and a little bit inclined that way, there has to be another woman involved. No other logical reason, is there?

Ace Shorty

Why don't you take the tank top to his friend and tell her to try it on, it looks like it would fit her better than it would you. Yeah, he's probably cheating but that is what happens when you get emotionally disconnected, then you get physically disconnected. what are you doing laying up in bed when he comes home?


I would definitely suspect cheating I’m sorry to say.


It's possible that the tank top story is true...and it's also possible that he is cheating


Wity my ex "working" more hours was code that he was cheating. Leave him and find another.

chris n

Ask the girl you bought the car from. I'd be suspicious too - but you can't accuse him with no proof.


If he was having an affair I'm sure he would notice the girl getting out the car without a top and and would have told her to take her top so u won't find I doubt anyone would get out the car without a top on in the morning to many people about and most girls font walk about in just a not automatically go to cheating but I would log into to his social media and phone just to be on the safe side..the car thing may be true a year after having my car I flattened the seats and found a canvas man's trainer and ear buds from the guy I brought it from so it could be true.

little rose

You would have noticed the pink tank top beforehand, especially with having the car for a year!! To be honest, from your story I think he is. To be certain though you could do this - Ask his boss/manager via phone call what hours is he working for them at the weekends, etc. Would you ask this friend of his that he hangs around with? I know you shouldn't do this, but I'm going to suggest it, what about his phone? Any texts, calls, etc. Any previous girlfriends/wives - ask them Don't let the paranoia get to you too much, it'll only harm you more! If he loves you and was honest with you - then he should be telling you the truth!! ASK HIM!!


I think that is definitely suspicious. I mean who leaves a tank top lying around. Moreover, what possible reason could this woman have for wanting to take her tank top off other that to get involved with your husband? I can completely understand if she was talking to your husband in the car and felt warm and took her coat off, but to take her tank top off is completely strange. Also, the fact that it was bright pink means that surely one of you would have noticed it if it had been left behind by the previous owner.


Yep for sure.


“ I haven’t worn a size small in years” Well maybe that’s the problem


There's a good chance. Lots of guys like skinny girls. But, you don't know for sure.


Yes, it does sound as though he is nutting with some otherbitch. Too bad his nuts weren't adequately drained by yourself. Now, if he is indeed getting action from some other pieceofass, I hope she is really hot, and he is really busting nut. Because when you find out, you are likely going to claim to be the victim, and take him to the financial cleaners, instead of being an adult and taking responsibility for your inaction.