Is it ok to rub yourself even if you're newly married? Is it concerning regarding our sex/marriage life?

We been married for few months now...we have intimacy almost everyday or every 2nd 3rd day...yet it feels less. It concerns me that maybe something is missing in our sex life? Any advise...


You will find that about 6 months into it, or sooner if you provide every status symbol she wants right away, that you will indeed need to twist off all the time, as she WILL stop putting out. #GuysLikeSex @GirlsDon't


LOL!! you're asking strangers if it's ok to masturbate? Are you a bit stupid?

The Lord Humungus.

Rub yourself while you're together. Being open with a partner is the first step to a good sex life.

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its common


It is fine . Do rub yourself to satisfy yourself. But, do it without notice him.


Everybody, male and female, married and single, masturbate and there's nothing wrong with it.