Why does my wife try to convince me that she doesn t say things that I hear her say?


Kim R

Record her so there will be actual evidence of what is really said. One of you is wrong; a recording will show who it is.

Barb Outhere

Two possibilities. 1. She is either crazy, or a compulsive liar, or being terribly manipulative. OR.... 2. You genuinely misheard, tend to interpret things with your own bias, or are making things up in your own head for your own reasons. Both are equally likely - which is true is up to you to work out.


She’s crazy or manipulative


She either playing w you or don't want to tell the truth

The Laughing Sandhog

Denial; not just a river in Egypt.


My wife will say something a certain way and when I tell her thats what she said she denies it,she does things that I see that she shouldn't be doing like looking at other men and she tells me I'm seeing what I want to see


She's gay