Is this girl trying to start drama with me and what's the point?

I'm a nutritionist and I work part time at a supplement store for extra income. I dated my ex for 4 yrs and we ended things amicably over 2 yrs ago. We don't speak, no drama, just moved on with our lives. We're both 33. He's now dating a 21 year old. I got several notifications on my phone that said this woman liked several of my photos on my public instagram account back in september and so I clicked on her profile which she probably expected I'd do. I saw a bunch of photos of her with my ex that said, "my lover, best boyfriend ever!" Okay so she got my attention and I wrote it off, didn't respond, didnt say anything, just thought she was immature. Now she has been coming into my work at the supplement shop and making small purchases and making it a point to tell my co-workers and any customers that will listen what her name is. She's forcing conversations and taking the lead so other people in the store will ask her questions and then she's volunteering information about herself that would hint she's dating my ex, she's saying it loudly so I'll hear. They met at work and work together. So she keeps reiterating to other people in the store where she works, what her name is, the fact that her boyfriend likes women with nice bodies so she's getting supplements etc. I know she knows who I am and that I work there part time, since she stalked me online. Now she's been coming in weekly putting on her show and I'm started to feel like she's trying to instigate. thoughts?

Cryptic Midnight Shadow

Block her on social media and ignore her. Maybe change your schedule.


Just curious, how have your coworkers responded to her strange behavior in the store? I'll second the idea of completely ignoring it. They probably already figured out she's a little "off." ...In the meantime, she's giving your store some extra business! :)


From you have said I get the feeling that this girl feels threatened by you and has somehow conjured up the thought in her head that your ex may still have feelings for you and/or that you could still him from her. I think the best approach is to not react to this girl's antics. As soon as you start showing her that what she is doing is bothering you then she wins - that is what she is looking for. However, if you remain calm and give neutral responses then this girl will get tired of annoying you and/or will more than likely self-destruct. I really hope that this helps :)


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Barb Outhere

Thoughts - your boyfriend obviously has talked about you with some fondness and she, being the immature little one, feels threatened that he has any sort of past and feels the need to defend what she thinks of her territory. Ignore her and maybe she will go away?


If the others are your mates word them up and get them to say hes rooted around on you and rooted the dirtiest whore in town after he broke up with you along with telling her she should be getting tested for various STD's.