So i cant stop a divorce if i don't want it?



You can refuse to cooperate; you can make unreasonable demands; you can attempt to delay every Court appearance. All you will do is waste money.


Not in the USA. The divorce will go thru sooner or later.


If your husband or wife files for divorce, then you will be divorced soon. The only thing you can do is lawyer up and have your lawyer make lots of objections for you. This will increase the cost and the time to obtain the divorce. But you'll still end up divorced. Most people are under the mistaken impression that if your spouse wants a divorce, then the outcome is up to you, somehow. Nope. It's not a wife or husband who grants a divorce. It is a JUDGE.


I recommend speaking to your lawyer


Roses fade in time. but love lasts... a bit longer.


No, not technically, but you can delay it.


The court will not force your spouse to remain married to you, if they want to divorce you.


No, you can't stop divorce proceedings if one of you has started them. You can't stay married if the other person is divorcing you. You can't force your desire on them.


Trust me, if your spouse wants a divorce, you don’t want to stop it. Things will only get worse.

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You can slow the process down, but in the end it can happen. Might have to ask yourself what is your motivation for hanging on - genuine love or spite so they can't move on with their lives.


No. If it's your own you can try to throw up roadblocks and difficulties but, ultimately, you can't stop it unless you filed it and even at that, if they've agreed to the legal proceeding and so want the divorce.... about the only way to stop it is to try to change their mind.


Well. You can NOT sign the papers, testing that the other person wants a divorce. But that will prolong the situation, and cost more money for both persons involved, and will become a major pain in the ****. Many people actually separate for 2 years, which is the legal amount of time to Null/Void a Marriage, then move on. It makes things easier in court, because you're proving that you're paying for your own expenses, including wants and needs, and haven't relied on the person you were once with for over 2 years. My "mother" and "stepfather" did the 2 year thing. And the courts had the marriage Nullified in about 4 weeks.

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If you don't want the divorce, do not sign the divorce decree when it's sent to you. And let the attorney know you're not divorcing. You don't have to. this way, you're NOT divorced..


Get a lawyer


Talk to a divorce lawyer.

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I guess


If someone who doesn't want to be married to you is filing for divorce - you can't stop it. If you're divorcing someone and have changed your mind - you can't stop it without your spouse's agreement

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No idea. Who is getting divorced? If it is you and your spouse, you can fight it and drag it out, but that is foolish if your spouse is done.

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you can tell your wife about the gay agenda they want people to divorce at high rates