Will my husband still want his ex wife ,when he sees her tomorrow at a party?

Husband and I have been fighting all day, I don't want to go to this football party tomorrow, his ex wife will be there, she is SINGLE !.. she divorced him, he was crushed for years, I found him , helped him through his depression, got him work with my Dads company- sooo doesn't my husband owe it to me not to go to this party?.

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owe you???? Of course not - at least for what you have done for him. However, out of respect for you, he could decline to go.


Unfortunately you made a foolish mistake. You thought that you could buy love from a person who largely bases their love on physical attraction. For some shallow people such as him, (and apparently you), love is based on sexual physical attraction. His wife is a disloyal b*tch who dumped him and she truly deserves zero respect- yet he was fawning over her bcuz she was hotter than him. Similarly, he’s disloyal to you in a sense (although maybe not physically actively so, since she rejected him), yet you’re still fawning all over him bcuz he’s hotter than you. There’s probably good, decent, loyal amazing guys who you rejected bcuz they’re not as hot or tall as your husband. Live by the looks, die by the looks, baby. That’s the way it works. Can you make him love you? Uh, no. If buying love or earning love thru tasks and showing affection was that easy, then everyone would be dating supermodels.


If you insist he not go to it then be prepared to offer up another fun Super Bowl alternative. Staying home mad will NOT cut the mustard. Too late to join him as his wife who cherishes him?


Just make sure you have good sex with him before he leaves. Drain his nutsack completely give him multiple BJ....and when he gets home check his breath for any potential smell of pu ssi and check his underwear for any stains....grab his co ck and see at the top angle....any cums. Good luck


It doesn't matter what he WANTS. Men want ALL women they see .... a GOOD man does nothing about it and stays loyal. As for fighting .. stop. It destroys the relationship. Fighting means we have issues we aren't facing and so we try to punish the other to force them to change .. so WE don't have to face or cope with our own emotions. This is relationship-destroying. It is anti-love. It is selfish. Perhaps gets some therapy so you learn how to face and take charge of your own emotions. No one is perfect, so no relationship is perfect. We either accept our partner as they are, or we risk losing them. And when it comes to our own fear, they are not responsible for how we work with our responses. We are the ones who need to master our fear.

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If you think your husband can't attend a party where his ex will be without trying to get back together with her, it doesn't matter whether he goes or not. Your marriage is already dead either way. Oh, and nobody owes their partner an obligation to act like a prisoner no matter what you did for them.


What kind of question is that? You write, "she divorced him, he was crushed for years" Did you actually READ what you yourself WROTE??? I'm surprised your husband would want to go to a party with that girl. But she made the obvious choice to leave him behind. And your husband was crushed when that happened. What is the worst that would happen at this party? He has feelings for her still? (AND?!?!?!?) He makes a play for her? (AND?!?!?!?!?!?) The point you are missing is, she (the ex wife) has all the power in this situation. SHE has made her feelings crystal clear. She doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. So why are you worried about your husband? That does not make sense at all...


I never went where my ex wife would be , by my choice...no party or event was that important to me


ur hubby owes u nutting.