Why do women fantasize about the perfect man with perfect eyes and hair and face and perfect body with 6 pack abs and nice arms and chest?

But when they encounter a guy that resembles the men they fantasize about in real life, they don't even acknowledge their existence, or get so nervous around them that they avoid them completely and avoid all eye contact. Like a guy who's at the grocery store who's bagging your bags who's 6 ft 2, perfect blue eyes and wavy brown hair, super ripped and in shape, perfect smile, perfect skin, perfect deep voice and a hunk looking guy who resembles Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling, etc etc. And the girl just completely is rude to him and doesn't even acknowledge his existence, like he'll say hi to her and she will just ignore him, but if it were a regular guy or a guy with autism bagging her bags, she'd be all happy and talking to him



Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

You can say the same thing about men. It's why they're called fantasies.


I have never fantasized about a perfect man. Not his body, at any rate. What I have fantasized about is the meshing of our personalities, attitudes .. and kindness, sharing, caring. I don't care what he looks like. His looks do NOT indicate how it would be like to be WITH him. Only immature insecure young women focus on looks ... but young women who are secure and mature for their age don't care about looks.

Coach Simon

They fantasize about being loved by them - not served in a shop!


Maybe she thinks he is out of her league and she has no chance ? Or maybe she assumes since he is attractive that he likely already has a gf. Which explains just ignoring the man. Also really attractive men tend to be douches so maybe she thinks that’s how he is and is on the defensive


Meeting your fantasy in real life is a scary thing, as I'm sure you know.