My husband of 2 years wants me to have an abortion?

We have been married for two yrs. We discussed having a family while dating. He never wanted kids but I did. We got married anyway out of love. I am 5 months pregnant and he has been trying to convince me to kill our son. He wants us to go to NYC since it is now legal to kill children. I knew it was a red flag when he told me he was a Democrat while we were dating. I am starting to see that he is a monster. I refuse to kill my precious baby from God. I am afraid my husband will get violent or force me to kill my child. I am planning on leaving him while he is away at work. What should I do? ***it is legal to kill babies even at 9 months in NYC. That is why he is adamant in taking me there*


I had an abortion at 5 month pregnant, the nurse came in right before and turned up the heart monitor really loud. I really didn't register what was going on at the time, but it haunts me now. I wish that I would have never had an abortion so late and hearing the babies heartbeat, strong and healthy really messes me up to this day. Don't do it.

What You Talkin' About?

I hope you do have a abortion. Morons like you should not be reproducing. Only idiots fall for the right wing lies about the New York legislation.


That's nice. I don't believe you.


You don't have a husband. You are not pregnant.

Mad Luv

well good thing your female your body your choice.

Suzy Q

Don't quit your day job. Your creative writing skills need a lot of work.