Should women change their last name when getting married!?



If they want. Personally I think it’s stupid. Don’t really get it. My ex wife didn’t change her last name.

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No, they should be able to keep their maiden name or at least have a hyphenated name.


That’s a very personal decision! I would want to share the same last name as my husband as a sign of unity but I do not look down on women who don’t. Many prefer to keep their last name because their achievements or a sense self is entity. Think about what it would be like to do wither or? Although I don’t think it should be your fiancés choce,ask how he feels about it!


I always advise against changing names. It gains you NOTHING, and adds unnecessary complexity to acquiring licenses at DMVs when relocating, transferring medical histories, and applying for benefits.


It is customary and traditional but not legally required.

Suzy Q

We have this great thing called choice. I chose to hyphenate his and my last name, although from day to day I usually use his last name only when introducing myself. And that isn't what other women SHOULD do. It's one of the things other women CAN do.


It's a personal decision. I don't know what other people "should"

The Lord Humungus.

It doesn't matter.


No. Women have a separate identity and are not the property of men. They should keep their own names. Same goes for men when they marry. For your information, women in Iceland don't, and have never, take their husband's name. That practice is not part of Icelandic culture.


It used to be the custom that the woman would take the man's man but things have changed and many feel they want to keep there birth name. Some will even put the two names together ...Like Joan Smith will marry Bob Green and become Mary Smith Green.