Does he want to stay friends?

Ex text me "Sorry for being rude." He was upset and angry when I said we can't be together because we want different things. I didn't reply straight away & he text again 2 hours later "I guess you don't want to talk to me anymore x" Does he want to talk or is he just annoyed I didn't reply? I replied and said it was fine and he said "ok. Hope you're alright x"

chris n

Well he's unhappy that you've dumped him. If you have REALLY dumped him and aren't just playing games, let him down gently and be on your way. Don't keep him on a bit of string. Tell him that you both need space to get over each other so won't be in touch so often now you are no longer a couple.


No. He likely felt guilty for being rude or whatever. Now that you’ve replied and he said “ok,” let it go. If he wants to talk he will talk.


Oh for Pete's sake. He's an EX. You're not going to be friends. Let it go. If you insist on being friends then stop reading into these dumb text messages. TALK TO HIM if you want to know what he thinks about something, don't try to decipher it from all this other crap.