Are hippies pretty much the hicks of the liberals while rednecks are the hicks of the conservatives?

they both dress like bums, have scraggy facial hair, grow out their hair. rednecks like to drink beer and do meth while hippies like to smoke pot, take psychedelics and never shower @anon, i don't care that you are mexican. you sound racially obsessed @anon neither do i care how dark or light you are, you sound insecure @anon resorting to profanity and childish anger?? wow! you are emotionally weak


Dude you're an idiot


I believe they tend to be far better educated.


you do realize a hick and redneck are the same thing your dumb it laughable


*yawn* another liberal with more time than brains begs for attention with meaningless drivel.


Muh rednex!


hippies....who think rubbing oil on their feet will protect them from the flu...