Our daughter eloped and we haven't met her husband-how to handle this?



They don't want you involved, so don't get involved.

I care

No age was mentioned...…..this depends on my answer..... I pray both of them were of marrying age and if so, mom we have to welcome them or you will lose them. Many times we have to bite our tongues with some choices but again, want a relationship.....love them.


Who cares


Get to know him, meet him


Just accepted them


I feel certain that at some point you will get to meet him.relax..adults are allowed to make their own choices and live by them..children can be mean to their parents...just leave well alone until she is ready to introduce him.

Serene E

If you want to keep a good relationship, welcome them, give them a reception. They're grown adults. It's their choice.


Apparently, realize she's eloped, probably feels you never approved of her, so why should she bother introducing you to her husband. And i don't believe this is true anyway.

Judy & Charlie

You don't say how old she is. If she is under 18 and a minor child, I would consult your family attorney about this. If she is 18 or older and a grown adult, I would just assume that this is her own business and she is old enough to make her own decisions and LIVE WITH THEM.