Had an affair with a married woman. Why will she want me to meet one of her girlfriends?

We've been friends for 3 years.


Maybe this is one of her "most trusted friends", someone she trusts her deepest secrets with? This friend probably wants to meet you to determine if you're a good man for her or not? Perhaps she feels alienated from her husband for whatever reason, and she's told this friend all about it, and now this friend is protective of her, and wants to give her own analysis of how good you are for her?


Either she wants to fix you up with her friend, or a threesome is in the offing.


Because she is planning on moving on from her husband. People can't be in love with someone and cheat on them. I don't cobnsider it love if you even consider cheating. Asshole cheat. Low-life, piece-of-**** back stabbing, self-centered whores cheat. Keep that in mind

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possible 3 way


Because she sees you two as serious and she wants to introduce you to her friends which means she is getting prepared to be more open about you two so eventually she’ll want you to meet her family etc. Sounds like she is taking this seriously especially wanting to introduce you to her friend. Her friend will tell other friends and I’m sure you have been discussed many times and are the latest gossip. She may be planning on using this as a way of leaving her husband soon