Is it OK to stay away from weird relatives?

I'm a guy in mid 30s. I'm a family guy. Like I like to get around my cousins and siblings. However after spending 10 years with these "relatives", I kinda feel I want to leave and stay away from them. Why? these are the reasons: 1. they are not behaving like what family should be. Not supportive and rude. I have a good job and most of them are talking I dont have enough money. In reality, they dont make enough money (an English tutor & a stay home dad who print business cards, etc) where I'm an engineer with a university degree (kinda ironic). 2. they are weird. One aunt of mine (from my mother side) always talking stupid and weird things. Like one time, she said she wants to go to a Chinatown in China. A chinatown in China? the whole goddamn country is a Chinatown..... She was like 56 when she said that. 3. During one family gathering, sometimes my cousins fight with each other. They have a low self esteem, when somebody said I just got a promotion, the other cousin, the other cousin would say "oh I also got a promotion better than you". childish and mature. Where is the "Oh I'm happy for you...blablbla".... and they call themseselves a family? in 10 years I had to spend time with them during these occasions: family gathering with the whole family, my uncle birthday party, my mom birthday party, my sister kids birthday party, when somebody is dead, when somebody in the family is sick (too manys), christmas party...... too much? @bent: I have many other stories, but the point, I dont feel "being a family member" when I'm around them.


i dont see why not , ive been staying away fronn nnine


There is no law that says you have to hang around anyone you don't want to.


Instead of cutting yourself off from them entirely, work on seeing yourself as an individual self, separate from them, even when you're with them. That way their weirdness and rudeness will affect you less.


You have to stay away from anyone who is a vexation to your spirit. Some people are just nasty and others just don't fit in with your view of the world and some rub you the wrong way. You don't need these people around you. Be happy, enjoy life and stay away from all weird people.


Go once in awhile.


You're an adult. You decide.

Bent Snowman

Your reasons aren't very convincing to me, but you can obviously do whatever you want.


You're an adult. Do you. I think many people can identify with you and your plight; we all have relatives like that. Some are quirky, some are dumb. Let them be themselves. Smile and bring up topics that all people can smile or chuckle at. It seems like you have many critiques of your family members but I like how you stayed away from outright negativity. Keep it up.