Step stool weight limit?

My girlfriend quite frequently uses a step stool to reach things in cabinets in the kitchen. However, I’m concerned that she might get hurt due to the fact that she exceeds the weight limit of the stool (200lbs). She weighs 225+ and Ive noticed that when she stands on it, it starts to flex quite a bit and make a few popping noises. (It doesn’t do those things when I stand on it) A lot of times I tell her that I’ll get whatever she is trying to get but im afraid tha when she uses it to get something on her own that it will collapse and she’ll get hurt. I’m afraid if I buy a sturdier one shell want to know why and I don’t know how to explain that to her because this one is fairly new. Also, h ow seriously should I take the 200lb weight limit?

Marie And Alan

It will have sufficient leeway, but why not buy her a stronger stool? Her weight, however, may potentially be unhealthy


She knows she's overweight. Just buy a sturdier stool so she doesn't break her neck. If she asks why tell it's because you love her and don't want her to get hurt. Obese people usually aren't in denial about being heavy.


Doesn't cost a lot to go to the Grange or Lowes or Home Depot or local farm shop and get a step stool made for a man's weight.

Max Hoopla

Buy her a stronger stool or get a lighter GF.


I would normally expect there to be a reasonable design factor on these BUT if it's flexing and piping, it's a good sign she is overloading it. Get another stool with a higher rating.