Would you be ok dating a man who watches cartoons?

My boyfriend doesn’t drink or smoke but he likes bugs bunny. He’s a grown man, goes to the gym, very sweet but he likes cartoons

Suzy Q

As quirks go, it doesn't get much more innocent than that.

Blue Sky 🐾

As long as he's working and not being a bum or mooching off you, then I don't see anything wrong with a grown man watching cartoons. Heck, I still do it now and then too.


He should be allowed to watch bugs bunny.


Of course




It would be a deal-killer for me if a guy DIDN'T have any appreciation for cartoons. Bugs Bunny is made of awesome and win. ...Besides, the plot of most Bugs Bunny cartoons is far more cerebral than a lot of what's seen on TV today.


Grown men MADE those cartoons.


I love cartoons. So, yes.


My dads 50 and watches spongebob,looney tunes,you name it and my mom doesn’t say anything

Doug Freyburger

My wife and I have liked going to comic movies for a long time. Even before our grand children were born. I married a woman who watches cartoons. I watch cartoons.


All guys watch cartoons and manga these days, and all adult films are also cartoonish these days with superheroes. I will say simpsons and dexters are more adult than superhero Hollywood flicks these days,


lots of adults watch cartoons to pass time, sometimes. I don't see anything wrong with it


Nothing wrong with cartoons. Great art isn't necessarily "high brow" or inaccessible. Don't be a snob.

Mr. Smartypants

I always liked cartoons! Who doesn't like cartoons? I'd say totally normal. Would you rather he watched PORN? 8^)


I call it animation, and some of it is very well written.

DR + Mrs Bears face

HI so he likes cartoons what ever floats his boat.