My roommate doesn’t want me using scented things in my own room?

She says she’s allergic and that it triggers her allergies. But if she can’t smell it how can it bother her? Why is it her business what I do in my room? There have been times she claimed I was doing it when I wasn’t. So it has to be something else triggering it. Also, she is always yelling at me and calling me names. I’ve asked her numerous times to be civil, and she says “if name calling bothers you you’re a baby.” So if she is going to be disrespectful why should I respect this alleged scent allergy? I just want to use scented things in my own room. But what should I say if she accuses me of it? I can’t say I’m not doing it if I am! I kind of want to tell her it’s not her business what happens in my room.


Sounds like you better start searching for a new roommate just incase things go to ****. ***ROOMMATE WANTED: MUST NOT BE ALLERGIC TO SCENTED CANDLES***


Tell her I will be using scented things in my own room. I will not use them in our common area. I suggest you get a room purifier for your room for your allergies. If she calls you names and gets out of hand. You seem to upset for a constructive conversation. Excuse me. And ignore her completely. Go make a meal. Go back to your room. Turn on TV. Leave the apartment. Do not Dante or argue with her, You may want to get a key lock for your bedroom door . Lock it when you are not home.

Felony Jayne

She sounds like a spoiled brat. I would rub some raw ground beef into the carpet under her bed and see how quickly she starts using scented things to get rid of the smell!