Why do older women lead young women astray so often?

Most women only know how to prioritize men and all they do is push younger girls/women to do the same. Older women are sad


Jumping to conclusions; again I see. What else is new?


You just utterly failed to make any valid point. But if the goal was to prove you're an ignorant, illiterate, misogynist troll... Mission accomplished.


I am 60 and could care less what young women do.


Well, you are entitled to your opinion....and that is all. And that is all you give here...your opinion/. At present, others have the right to disagree with you. Therefore, there is no finality to the hypothesis you postulate, unless, of course, you can back it with peer reviewed evidence.

No Regrets

Older women try to push the younger generation in the direction that they imagine is best for them based on their own life experiences. Each woman will tell you something unique. Regardless if I agree with them or not, I know they had good intentions and it's worth listening to.


Funny that you mention that since I notice a lot of women trying to push their daughters to focus on careers and masculine behaviors and getting that message rejected by their daughters pretty strongly.

Emily Rose

Older people most of them think they know everything i feel like that's why they are so pushy and nosy and yes they have more experience in life and different situations but unless if people ask them for advice it's really none of their business and i personally would never listen to anyone who is bitter bc those ppl are usually miserable people and life works one of two ways you either get bitter or you get better and the choice is always yours.


Good thing. If a girl prioritize men/me I'll prioritize a female/her. Sounds like a bomb relationship. We both meet in the middle and we both bend our back to please each other. Sounds like an ideal world too