Was this weird or just friendly?

I was out for a friends party last night (just a girls night out) and it got really late so i thought public transport was out of the equation, then decided to call a Taxi to get home. We were talking with the cabbie, he seemed nice and all. I was explaining how tired i was and my feet hurt after being in flats for 8 hours already. After this comment, he sais something really weird at first, but then it got understandable sort of. He said he will not charge my drive tonight if i would let him, um... smell my feet??? He explained as a young person he always found the smell of after hours feet unique for some reason. At that point i thought "wait, i'll just take off my shoes, put my feet in his face and i literally walk away for free". Saves 40 dollars hah? I did it as we stopped near my street. I lay back and he grabs my legs, rips off my flats (barely came off from sweat, so ugh it was disgusting but to each their own) and just jams his face into my the bottoms of my feet and begins sniffing heavily. I kinda laughed it off. "see i like it, because the smell reminds me of Doritos corn chips with a hint of vinegar". I laugh and say ok. Do you think this was weird or him being friendly? Would you have done the same thing?


Weird, creepy, and dangerous. You should let the taxi company know about what happened. He's a legal liability to the company.


If this is a true scenario, it's very weird and could have turned out very dangerous if the driver decided to do more than just smell your feet!

Karen L

It’s definitely weird but I would have let him do it for the free ride.


Definitely not weird for us Foot Fetish lads out there. He likely has a Foot Fetish, a liking of female feet from men, simply of the feet design, feel and smell. Every Female's sweaty feet is erotic to us, and sometimes females can have their own unique scent of feet, like you for example with the vinegary smell :) I would love to smell your feet actually. Among smells, foot fetish people also like to lick and suck on the toes. Try it! Every girl i sucked toes of laughed because it feels tickly and nice. Nothing weird about this. It's more clean that licking buttholes and other private areas. I assume being in flats for that many hours especially no socks, your feet would have smelled amazing!


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