Should I give this girl a second chance?

I’m trying to make this short, so bear with me. I went on a date with a girl four months ago. About three weeks had passed from when we met to our first date. She was pretty standoffish during the first date and was acting aloof and I got the vibe that she didn’t really want to be there. Kind of a night and day difference between when I first met her and the first date. I didn’t really hear anything from her after our date, so I chalked it up to a loss. I was upset, because she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Months have passed by and she randomly texted me yesterday wanting to apologize to me for the way she acted on our date. She said in between when we met and our first date, she got a phone call from her doctor who mentioned one of her tests coming back with abnormal cells and the possibility of it being cancer. I guess she eventually did get diagnosed with really early stage cervical cancer and she said that’s why she acted the way she did and why I haven’t heard from her. She had surgery to remove the cancer cells in December and everything’s fine now. Would you give her another chance? I did like her, but I haven’t heard from her in months and I thought she ghosted me and wasn’t interested this whole time. Why do you think it took her so long to reach out?


Why are you asking this same question again, when you received such valid answers the first few times? Must we conclude that you're trolling? If not, please explain.


People who receive a cancer diagnosis find their minds on other things beside romance.

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It's up to you to whether or not take it up at face value. I mean she could be lying. The possibility exists. However, she could also be telling the truth. Cancer is no laughing matter. It's a life or death situation. Receiving news that you have abnormal cells is dead serious. You could potentially die. What do you think when you have cancer? What if you were diagnosed? The point is that everyone takes bad news differently. Some can shrug it off, others break down. The best way is to continue talking with her. Do be supportive. Try to be understanding. I mean she did act nice during the first encounter. The reason she took so long because it took long for her heart to heal. She needed to give herself time to heal. It's only natural. We are more than the physical. She felt the time was right to contact you to apologize was after she was back on her feet physically and mentally. I do hope you like more than just her physical beauty. I mean, beauty is fleeting. What remains is the personality. Give it a shot if you want. It's up to you. We don't know how you feel. Do be kind, understanding and supportive of her. It doesn't mean that you forget about yourself either, just be loving. If you are not interested, simply be honest without being so mean or direct. Best of luck!


You have asked this before. THIS is what you SHOULD have learned from your first date with her: When something is bothering her, she stops caring about how YOU feel and will be distant and rude. No matter how beautiful she is to look at, this will not make you happy for very long. She will not TREAT you beautifully, because all relationships end up having problems. And your first date was her showing you how she treats you when she has some kind of problem (it will be worse when YOU are the problem).