Your worst drunken mistake? Also any advice on the situation?

Mum is kicking me out the house to live with my dad after I got wasted on my 18th. She’s never seen me drunk before, (I’m from the UK do it’s legal btw)

ღAmayAღ (Pond)

I puked in my best friend's sink once. It was embarrassing. Although not as embarrassing as it could have been. Because.. best friend. :-P That was not just alcohol, though. That was a combination of alcohol, cannabis and nicotine. Which my body has just NEVER been all that good at... I've got a sensitive gastrointestinal system. When I drink ayahusca, too, I'm always the FIRST one to puke! Although with that, it's okay, because it's kind of expected, anyway. :-P I also puked in someone's sink once, at a spiritual retreat, when I was dead sober! I swear to God! And there was NO particular reason for it. Just.. we'd done a bit of an extensive workout, and I had lots of things coming up, lots of dep processes going on in my body, etc... ..I don't know what it is about me and puking in people's sinks. I should stop it. :-P


What's you do? Were you violent/assault anyone? If it was just for being drunk, then it is harsh.


That I remember? Something I woke up with that I didn't remember bringing home with me, lol. I had to put him out the back door. Just tell your mom that you overcelebrated your birthday and it won't happen again. If she still kicks you out, she might have been waiting for you to turn 18 so she could.


go live with dad and maybe down the track your mum will ask u back

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My husband left I went to a bar

Marie And Alan

Why do you feel the need for the chemical comfort of alcohol? It may be legal, but it is not compulsory!

Serene E

Never been drunk.


Try to have a talk with her about it

No Mercy

why would your idiot mother kick u out after u got drunk once? is she not well in the head? i remember my youngest son came home drunk and was vomiting - i let him rest in peace and after he sobered up i told him that maybe he should control his alcohol intake the next time. he never came home that drunk anymore. what is wrong with your mother? shouldn't she love u and support u?


Threesome with two complete strangers. They didn't even know each other... At least you'll have somewhere to stay.



Joe W

I don't remember her name. It was Coyote love. BQ: I'm sure you can figure it out.