My currant husband abuse my daughter help please?

He abuse and hates my daughter from my ex she’s only 6 and he slaps her face when she do something. He try to drowned her in the bathtub I’m so terrified he even said to me he hates her. I’m so sad my ex left me when she was inside my tummy 6 years ago now she has to go through this not growing up without a father and her stepfather abusing her 😢


You should have taken action immediately after he tried to drown her in the bathtub. Take action to find a safe home for you and your daughter and get out secretly. Tell the police about this and tell them where you will be and they'll protect you by keeping a close eye on him. If you cannot find a safe place the police should be able to find one for you.


I think you are an unfit mother.


Take this to the police or tell your family/friends (that you can trust). But be careful when you do so.

Kentucky Fried Rat

Talk to CPS (Child protection services) and move in with family and file divorce against this monster. Talk with police and get a lawyer. In court, show evidence of your daughter's injuries with pictures, and avoid giving him any visitations, if at least he gets visitations, make them supervised. Make him pay child support too.


your either a sorry a s s troll or a sorry a s s loser for watching this go on!


You are a ******* TROLL and should not be making stupid **** like this up people actually go through this type of **** all there damn life and by the time there outta the house there ****** up from all ends of everyway Gtfo.

Matt C.

Easy answer, LEAVE! And then you call the police and REPORT THE ABUSE. If you don’t do that then you should willingly give your daughter up to CPS to place her in a better home. Your first responsibility as a parent is to protect your child, period. He’s only your boyfriend, not her father or your husband. If you love your daughter, leave now and call police afterward.


You don't have to allow this. She's not his child naturally. You can demand that any corporal punishment she receives other than verbal correction be done by you.


call the police you must do for the sake of the child it is a common thing for abusers to live with or marry women with children you must be responsible adult and find a way out of this


Do not pick that loser over your daughter! Leave and press charges! You should NEVER allow anyone to hurt your child! EVER


You're terrified? What is your daughter?? Your current husband needs some "intervention" therapy! Attempted drowning is attempted murder. And you are doing nothing???!!! You're not very smart. You're probably just a troll. You and Alfred Hitchcock have something in common.


CALL THE ******* COPS!! be a mother first and a wife later preferably with someone who is not an abusive piece of ****. Your daughter will resent you forever for not protecting her step in before he kills or tortures her.


I think you know what you should do but you don't want to leave him. You're not looking for an answer. You just want someone to show you sympathy. That's the vibe I'm getting.


If this is true, you are the worst mother in the history of the planet. He actually tried to drown her in a tub and you're sitting here asking YA what to do? Why TF didn't you call the cops right then and there? In your selfishness, have you ever stopped to think how terrifying that must have been to a little girl? But no, your love life is more important to you than she is. Guess how she'll treat you when she grows up? Get your tubes tied right after you get rid of this jackass. No child deserves you for a mom.


call 911, how come you haven´t done it yet??? you will become part of the abuse


If this is true, you need to do the right thing to protect your child and GET OUT of there!!

Suzy Q

She has to go through this because you prefer whatever you're getting out of this marriage over protecting your daughter.


Report him ASAP and leave him right away


You go time to write online instead of reporting a paedophile abuser in the right manner you are a time waster that poor girl deserves a better mother sometimes I wonder with you parents are the cause of such misery in today's children's lives


If your too timid to go to police, remember this that you also will be arrested for not protecting her, because that is abuse too. So she will be in a foster home. I would go to my church and ask for help. I'm a Catholic. People care. He will continue. A womens shelter will help you. Better to be poor for a while than in jail. My prayers are for you and your little girl.


No she does not have to go through this...If she does it's because you put an evil man before your own daughter. Get out now Go to women's aid if you don't have close family or friends living near. There must be somewhere you can go. Personally I'd rather be in a homeless shelter rather than be with a man who treated my child like this


Call the cops its your job to protect your daughter she doesn't deserved to be treated like that


Your child needs for you to protect her. This man will eventually kill her if you don't get away from him. You need to leave immediately, and report him to the police. Your first obligation is to this young, innocent child.


DIVORCE your husband - NOW!!! Your daughter is in DANGER!


Leave him ASAP please Save your daughter from this scumbag loser


Either divorce this sack of crap or go to hell for being the world's worth mother. Not calling the police when he tried to drown her basically makes you an accessory to attempted murder. I feel so sorry for your child.


Get rid of him, if he really loves you he would also love your children, this is no way right and he deserves to be locked up


You get you and your child out of any living quarters you've been sharing with your husband immediately and file for legal separation in the morning. Your choices led to this and your choices will put an end to it as well. Get that man out of your life right now. Call your local woman's shelter, tell them your HONEST situation and get their local expert advice.


Are you so desperate for a man that you would allow this? Even animals defend their children from unrelated males.

Marie And Alan

You two desperately need to talk. Abuse is always wrong. Perhaps counselling would help. But in the final analysis, if he will not change you will have to leave for the sake of your child.