Girlfriend's step daughter caught us having sex!?

She and her step daughter don't get along. We are trying to find a way to agree to get her step daughter to keep her mouth shut. We took her phone but her dad doesn't come back till next Tuesday. We need ideas how we can negotiate a deal guaranteed but so far she is still telling. We didn't see the time. She came back from school. There is no way we can let my girlfriend's husband find out about this.


Don't drag her into your lie. You're both wrong and will have to live with the consequences.


It's your "girlfriend"'s responsibility as an adult to tell her husband before the stepdaughter has to. Karma bites, doesn't it?


impossible to answer without knowing her age or the dynamics but cash can fix many things.


you deserve to be told on.

Blue Sky 🐾

She walked on you having sex, so what? Just forget about it and lock your door from now on.

Marie And Alan

Why not close the door?


That's your biggest problem? Consider yourself lucky and get out now.