I cant have sex before marriage. I am over 35 female. We know each other for a long time and just started dating when I say?

I cant have sex I think he will leave me . No guy would think about marriage at the beginning of a relationship What should I do, I cant risk of losing him as I have strong feelings for him, I do care about him deeply.


that's wrong, a lot of guys think about marriage even BEFORE a relationship. I completely understand how u feel, I know many people that are in ur situation right now. tell him 100% your feelings and thoughts, talk to him, have a big convo. you don't wanna tell him because u fear losing him but does HE fear losing you? ;)


You could help him out with a tug job but if its meant to be, he will wait too

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Only you can decide. He is unlikely to ask for or initiative sex early in the relationship. As he has known you for a long time, he must know your stance. You can have a deep,relationship without penetrative sex. But do not delay the marriage ( if that is where it leads ) too long: the biological clock is ticking.

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If he truly loved you, then sex wouldn't matter. It's true no person would be thinking about marriage. If the question does come up, do be frank and explain why. Don't hesitate to express yourself. I can't tell if you believe in God or not, since you didn't specify. If you do, don't cave in. Be strong. Do show him that love can be beautiful without it getting sexual. If you care about, why not be friends then if you he leaves. Don't lose hope. Please don't. My prayers go out to you!


use your hand .

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This is how Christianity brainwash people.