My boyfriend said he only misses me when he’s not doing anything. What does this mean?



It means that you are not the most important thing in his life.


What he meant was that when he is doing some work he must fully concentrate on what he is doing. At that time he cannot think about you. When he is free he always dream about you .That is not enough for him .He wants to be with you personally . If that is not possible he feels that he is missing you.


Sounds like you are entertainment on demand.


He is being honest but not politically correct? I do not miss the wife when I am very busy at work, coordinating the labor of others, coordinating material orders, and handling pop-up crisis. He needs to think before he speaks, "Honey, I look like a cat trying to bury sh*t on a marble floor all day long at work .. I miss you deeply when I get the slightest quiet moment all I can do is count down distance to quitting time and rushing home!"


It means he really doesn't know how to communicate with a woman in any caring way. He would be dismissed if i were seeing him. That's crap


It means he can only think of one thing at a time, which is normal.


He is an idiot


He is too busy to miss you


It means he is not clingy, not dependent, a typical man. It MAY mean he is more than that . self-centered and not able to care. Men don't bond like women do. They rarely make the woman the center of their life. Men bond through activity .., and that is generally where their attention is. So if they are busy, they aren't as likely to think about what ISN'T there. And when it comes to women, the primary activity through which they bond is sex. Most women don't do sports or fix cars or go hunting with their bfs.


For him, missing you is all about convenience. If he's busy with something, it's inconvenient for him to think of you or miss you. Sorry to tell you that. :( My boyfriend misses me way too much, way too often. We'll be apart 30 min. and he'll say he misses me. Get you a guy like that.


It means idle hands are the Devil's workshop.