Suspecting girlfriend took my mother’s Xanax?

This is the second time my girlfriend’s spent the night and my mother has noticed most of her Xanax gone. My girlfriend truly likes me and I have no idea how to confront the situation.


You find out if your gf is a thief and drug addict. Important things to know.


It's your Moms' problem- let her confront your gf. Why should you risk losing her if it ends up she didn't take the pills? Maybe your Mom miscounted. Tell your Mom to hide the bottle.

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If you ask her, of course she will say NO. I would bring her over to the house again. However, this time, make sure that you know how many pills are in the bottle. Then, right before you leave the house with her, check the bottle again and see if any are missing. You may have to do this a couple of times. The odds of asking her and her saying yes is zero.


Get your mom a box that locks for her pills and Then see if your girlfriend is still your girlfriend.


You have to ask her or your Mom needs to (preferably your Mom because it was her xanax). And why is a girlfriend spending the night with you in your Mom's home? That's a bit over the top


Straight up ask her bout it your girl shouldn't be stealing from your family

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Is she a drug addict or a dealer? ask her what she does for a living and look for signs of sketchy behavior