Why does life suck?


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If you think life sucks, then it will suck for you. Living your life is really more about attitude then just about anything else. Without knowing what sucks about your life, it's hard to answer. However, remember this. ONLY YOU can change your life.


Because going through bad things makes you or breaks you. Life is pain and death. Happiness is a fleeting thing. Do good , be good , desire goodness. Do things so you can look at yourself and not be ashamed. Don't repeat the same mistakes. Be self critical . Take responsibility and learn to apologize and ask for forgiveness when you have hurt some one. Learn to give without expectations . Don't lie and be honourable . When you arrive to accomplish not living and behaving like an animal , you rise above. You will then be able to deal with th " life sucks " moments we all have in common.


It is our cognitive self-statements that create our emotions. Here is a story to help you understand how our perspective and reactions determine how much our life sucks. This is the true story of an old Tibetan monk who was thrown into jail when the Chinese invaded Tibet in the 1950's. He was taken out of his cell once a day, and tortured because they wanted him to name other Buddhists. Finally, after some months of this, friends who had escaped to the West raised enough money to bribe his release. They brought this monk to the West, and I saw him on a live TV interview in the 1960's (okay, yes, I'm OLD). They asked this monk what had been the worst part of his imprisonment, and he replied "My efforts to maintain my compassion for my jailers". We have no control over life. The only thing we have ANY control over is ourselves *. As long as we look for happiness outside of us, and as long as we allow outer conditions to control us, we WILL remain unhappy. Happiness is a state of mind and as such comes only from within and from how WE relate to what is happening. * as for controlling ourselves, my sister had a Hindu guru in the 1970's who worked with the Meninger foundation. They were exploring mind-over-body. This Yogi was able to stop his heart deliberately for some minutes, with no damage. He could deliberately warm up the skin on one side of his hand while simultaneously cooling off the other side, all through mind-training Now I have no interest in learning this, but do NOT think there are limits on how happy you can be, using just your mind. Life will suck as much as you feed that idea into your brain.


It sucks for some time, then it may just start not to suck,


"why does YOUR life suck" is the question, I'm doing GREAT !!!