Boyfriend “lost spark.” Is this normal?

My boyfriend and I had been dating for only a couple of months and never argued or anything, everything was perfect. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago he started being distant with me and finally messaged me after a while saying he had lost interest. We gave it a couple of weeks to see if anything would change and he seemed normal again but just recently said nothing chamged for him.


Yes. It is normal. That's why people date without declaring they are paired. Very common for people to date for a couple of months and then one or the other realizes they aren't really "into it" and it was the newness that was fun but newness does wear off. Take more time before deciding and declaring someone is your boyfriend.


yes it is quite normal. just because you dated someone for 2 months doesn't mean you are going to be with them for the rest of your life. he is not the right one for you. that's all you don't need to argue with someone to realize they are not the one you want to be with,


Awww. Sorry that happened. Yes, it can be normal. Relationships either go two ways after the initial excitement is over...they continue or you break up (well... or you want to break up and dont). At least though he was straight forward with you. Hurts but I would rather someone be straight forward with me than to string me along.

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likely got a new gf


Well, yeah it is kind of normal. I mean, what exactly is the spark? To me it's a good feeling you get, it's partly instinct, partly a decision, just to let yourself feel that joy from connecting, even just physically with someone else. I mean there's the mental thing too, realistically I don't know how much of the mental comes into play when dealing with the basic animal instincts, and I do believe love or whatever is one of those. I went to psychology class twenty years ago, and there were still teaching that humans don't have instincts. I don't know if I believe that. The initial bonding feeling generally lasts long enough to conceive a child, or two, or even three, and you know, once you're with the children, you get bonding with them as well, as both parents, and this is why people who are married are meant to stay together, even if they aren't madly in love anymore. However since it became more common for people to get divorced, and relationships turned into more like a long fling, breakups and people being single became the norm, or above average in the West. Don't really know if that's good or not. Can't imagine it is.


What's normal? He's bored of you. I imagine he has banged you sufficiently and wants to move on to the next challenge. Forget about this jerk and set your sights higher next time.