Do men have a problem with an attractive girl being with a somewhat unattractive or beta male? We got a lot of negative vibes?

I was walking with a guy that I was clearly with that night and many men were loud and obnoxious saying hey or what’s up to my date. He didn’t know any of them we were in a new city, and some guys yelled what’s up bruh very obnoxious like and many others did double takes and I heard words regarding you better keep her and stuff. My date said “what the f$$$?” To me and asked if he just gives off a douche vibe cause he didn’t understand either. Is this normal? Like what’s the deal?

Cryptic Midnight Shadow

My guess is you are actually the unattractive guy because no girl I know uses the terms “beta” or “alpha” to describe men, generally that’s the incel s/mgtow/red pill crowd.

The Football God

I'll ask my wife when she gets home.


Drunk guys of a certain nature can come up with doing stuff like that for fun.


Well, I think the problem is the vibe you're giving off. You state you're an attractive girl with an unattractive guy. If I was 'with you' and you used those words to describe me, I'd hit it and quit it so fast you're head would spin.


saying hey or what's up to someone is not considered obnoxious. it sounds more like you are having a fantasy that every man you see wants you.