What is going on with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend have been together for 2 years and he used to always love sex. But recently he has stopped. We don’t do it at all and he does not initiate it. When I ask why he gets aggravated and says I ask to much. It’s been about two months. He says he loves me and he always talks about getting our own place and that it’s nothing personal. I’m just feeling unhappy and not fulfilled. Sexually frustrated. He does have a lot he’s dealing with, idk if that would affect him in anyway. I’m just feeling upset from it I don’t feel like we have any connection anymore please help


Huge red flag. Regardless of the "why", he needs to communicate with you about it.

Blue Sky 🐾

You have every right to be upset and if a guy has a lot going on, then it seems to me that sex would be a relief. Personally, I think he's acting selfish and I hope he's not cheating on you, because a sudden lack of sex for no valid reason could mean that. Make sure he knows how upset you are.


You're in a rut. And apparently, you don't know how to broach this subject tactfully. When a woman asks her man why he's coming up short in the sex department, it can be hurtful and feel like an attack on his masculinity. Tread lightly here...but you've got to try. Concentrate on the positive things that you are missing, without being accusatory or bitchy. "He does have a lot he's dealing with" -- and no doubt, that's part of the problem. Couples who stay together long-term and keep their relationship fresh are very good at communicating, even about tough subjects like sex. If you love him and want to renew things, be patient and understanding, communicate even though it's hard, and be willing to try new and exciting things, like public sex, watching porn with him, role playing, wearing sexy lingerie, and whatever other things you or he might enjoy.