What is wrong with me?? Why am I so jealous of my girlfriend's family?

My girlfriend's sister and her family (her husband and son) are coming into town for a week. The son is about 2 and she is pregnant with another. I have always been extremely jealous of her relationship with her sister and her family and I don't know why. I have been dreading this week that they're going to be in town because it means I won't be able to talk to my gf as much and all of her attention will be on them. I get angry and annoyed whenever she says she's excited to see them. I feel so stupid for being jealous of a literal baby and I have no idea what's wrong with me or how to fix it. I don't want to feel this way but I always have. I want to be able to have no problem with her sister coming and knowing she won't have as much time for me. We are long distance at the moment (college), so it's harder when I don't get to text/call her as much. What should I do? Why am I feeling like this? How do I fix it? Please give serious answers -- I know this is unfair and toxic and I want to fix it because the way this stuff makes me feel is painful and I don't want to feel it anymore.


It’s the old ‘I want you all to myself’ subconscious thing. You fear the influence of the family on her could override you and even turn her away from you. It’s a sense of anxious potential loss and not wanting her to be like that with anyone else


Jealousy is generally insecurity. If your girlfriend is just living her life you should be letting her do it. You would want the same from her. You both have your own lives to live. You always will. Feelings follow thoughts. What you are thinking gives rise to what you’ll feel about it. If all is well with your relationship, let it grow. Ones imagination tends to get out of hand with long distance interaction. Curb your imagination, and stay focused on what you need to stay focused on.