Is it okay to reach out to my ex again?

My boyfriend recently proposed that we should go on a break but knowing breaks don't really end well i let him know that and he broke up with me and it wasn't mutual. Even though I was really hurt by it, we were still able to make it an amicable split. I unfollowed him on instagram but he still follows me and orbits me (likes my photo and watches my stories). Even though I know I should maybe block him to completely move on, I'm not ready to do that but I'm not too worried about it because I know, in time, the hurt feelings will go away and I will be open to being friends with him later on. Is it okay to reach back out to my ex later in hopes of being friends or even more? Right now, I still have strong feelings for him, so I have thoughts that maybe later we can work it out again to be more than friends if I still having feelings for him after getting over the breakup.

Person with Question

Wow you're both the kind of people who use stupid sites like Instagram.


It's never okay. don't get back with your ex. EVER. Infact, relationships itself aren't something to work for and aren't the "Be all end all", take some time and focus on yourself, **** relationships, they're just gonna make you sadder and sadder unless you're 100% ready, which obviously you're not by being on this website and asking this question. Try and just do your own things for a while, keep working, and in the words of nakeyjakey "I don't know, just masturbate and listen to some nujabes" - Getting your Heart Broken, NakeyJakey (by the way, great vid for dealing with breakups)

♠ Merlin ♠

You talk the talk but its clear you are just sitting hoping he will come back to you. Why are you wasting your time? He already broke up and left you, why give him the opportunity to hurt you yet again?