It really bothers me my ex once said "I love you, but my mom won't approve you because you have so many piercings"?

I have 4 piercing in each ear, and I have a nose piercing too. Are these many piercings considered bad?


You need to find someone who likes piercings or doesn't care. Someone who blames Mom is either too close to Mom or secretly doesn't like it himself, and using that as an excuse. I worked for a man who, with his wife, really, really didn't think the woman his son was dating was the right kind of woman. (too many tattoos, not enough college) I was at work when Sonny was there begging his Mom to give his girlfriend another chance. I mean he was literally begging. No need to go into details, but Mom and Dad subtly manipulated the situation to put his son in contact with another, more suitable woman. In the years since then, the tattooed woman was broken off with, and the new girlfriend has become his wife. It happens sometimes, and in this case, the young married man is a first generation American. He comes from a conservative culture where the judgement of one's elders is held in high regard. In your case, whether he has yet to snip the apron strings, or he's blaming his not liking piercings on Mommy Dearest, you're better off without him, aren't you?

Suzy Q

Surely, when you decided to get more piercings than the mainstream one in each earlobe, you realized there would be at least SOME people who disapprove? That is always a risk you knowingly and willingly take when you do something outside the 'norm'. Especially if it's something so visible. Think of it this way: better to find out like this that your ex's mother is narrowminded - and more importantly, that he would be unwilling to stand up to her for you - than to not figure that out until she's already your mother in law. Right? Basically your piercings weeded out an unsuitable partner before the point of no return.


If someone is letting his mother control who he has a relationship with, then one is certainly better off without that person.


if i was you i would be happy he is your ex and you need to find a new boyfriend and move on from this mommies boy


They aren't to you! However, there are people who are repelled by facial piercing and there are people who are attracted to them. People have that right.


move on


No? It’s a preference things. Some men love piercings some men hate them same with like every person in the world YOU like them HIS MOM doesnt that honestly has nothing to do with you and he’s honestly trying to control you and how you look there’s no reason you should change your appearance for other people