Ok so my mum is dating this guy and we live together my 3 siblings and his one child we are the same age and friends is it wrong that?

I’m dating his child’s step uncle ?


No blood relation, and there's no 'step-uncles.' Technically, your aunts and uncles are your parents' siblings. The spouses are - nothing - even if for simplicity you call them aunts and uncles.


So you live with your mom's boyfriend's son (or daughter?) If so, dont mess with it. Its too much. If your grown ups and living on your own, that would be different. (I know of this guy who was engaged to this girl. Their parents started dating each other and got married BEFORE they did. So he married his step-sister. He loves freaking out by telling people he married his sister lol)

No Chance Without Jesus

No....its a little awkward but you are of no blood relation