What do you think of this?

This guy and I had a deep chat, he told me about his life and was very attentive in the conversation, he kept saying my name and showed interest in what I said. He had been displaying signs of interest in me before but we had never got the chance to have a one-on-one chat. He told me he was a year younger, I kept saying I was shocked by that and he was wondering why I was so shocked and seemed disappointed, he then said that I look a year younger than him, unfortunately he said that he wasn’t looking for a girl as he will be moving country eventually. Afterwards I started flirting with this guy that I know he thinks I like (I have no interest in him really), I then started flirting with this other guy and I could feel him eavesdropping, he then stood up and looked right over at me (the guy was dropped over me talking); I then started talking to the other guy again, he looked at me, then at him so see what we were doing and after a while got mad at that guy over something small. What’s your opinion of this?


That's he's leaving the country but is still capable of finding females attractive.

Marie And Alan

Exclusivity is not compulsory. One day you msy find the right guy