Am I overreacting?

her whole family meaning her cousins family and her grandparents as well. Obviously I know weddings are a family thing and I knew she was gonna be busy with wedding prep and stuff but basically she started acting weird and heres how initially she didn't even invite me to the wedding, like she would tell me all about the prep and the pre wedding events and stuff but only a week before the actual wedding when I brought it up how she didn't actually invite me or ask me to Come she was like Ohhh oops ofc u have to come. I didn't think much of this at the time but after she invited me, literally multiple times a day she would be like maybe you shouldn't come, you'll just be bored, whats the point in you coming etc. At that point again I didn't think much of it, I actually don't know why now that I think back to it I should've been more upset but I brushed it off. the day of the wedding I was supposed to go over to her house and do her makeup and we were supposed to get ready together. This was the plan for the last week, then like 3 hours before she texts me and tells me not to come because she's too busy and her and her cousins are getting ready together. It was at this point that I got mad but again I let it go. I text her again an hour before the wedding to tell me when she gets there so ill reach the same time and she says, do you really want to come?? so I was like she clearly doesn't want me there and I didn't end up going. I didn't end up saying anything to her at the time bc it was her cousins wedding and I wanted to be supportive. I kept thinking that I should bring it uo but then I had exams and she had exams and then things were really crazy. Yesterday she brought up her cousins wedding again, I mentioned this to her and how I felt like crap, she replies with "sorryyy...' and I was like ????? I told her she made me feel like **** and that the reply I got. I mean I get it its been almost 9 months and maybe I should've brought it up sooner but I honestly expected more. the she replied "idl why I did that oops.." so I didn't even know what to say, I was feeling super embarrassed bc clearly she didn't give a ****. Now im just trying to move past it bc I don't know what to think the beginning of my question got cut off for some reason but it said my best friends cousin got married in April of 2018, and she lives with her whole family. this was just super weird and idk if im being weird about it bc its been a good 9 months but its still bothering me how **** I feel


Why would you expect to be invited to your friend's cousin's wedding?


I'm not sure why this even came up. Your best friend's cousin got married. Why would you even expect an invitation? Are you also friends with her cousin? If the cousin didn't invite you; you weren't invited. Your friend cannot invite you to someone else's wedding. You can feel whatever you want - but you're making a bigger issue out of this than it needs to be.


You and your friend have zero manners. The bride and groom set the guest list for the wedding. Your friend didn't have the right to invite you, and you were rude to invite yourself. To be upset about it months later (considering how pushy you were) is just bizarre.


Super weird, yes. I'm guessing your friend was embarrassed and didn't know what to do, felt pushed into a corner by your insistence on going. Why would you bring it up to her at all, much less a week before the wedding? Did you even know her cousin?? Believe me if you were actually invited you'd have known long before then. Yes, you're overreacting, starting with pushing yourself into that wedding. And Lord have mercy, that was months ago. Let it rest and move on.

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Your question is pretty jumbled Do we assume she was a guest at the wedding and didnt invite you as her plus one? She didnt want you at the wedding, that much is clear she should have just been honest, and said she was going alone. why you are still facilitating her when she treats you so badly is beyond me


Yes you are. You were foolish to continue discussing the wedding with her when you really were never invited. I would just let it go, never mention it again, and maybe just distance yourself from her and move on.


Yes. Why on earth did you think you'd be part of this at all and why did you try to insert yourself as someone who should remotely be texting the bride or seeing her except at the wedding. You were beyond rude and immature. The bride never owed you the time of day.

Beverly S

Wow! First off your best friends COUSIN got married, not your best friend.. and you expected to be invited why? Then you embarrass your friend into inviting you... even though it isn't up to her to invite guests... they probably got mad at her for inviting you since she had no rights to do so.. So she was trying to get you to not go but didn't want to tell you... You need to learn some manners.


Without knowing your relationship to this bride it's hard to say.


OMG! I don't have time to read your long, long, long post!