Why did you choose your woman for wife? What charmed you?



First of all, she was my childhood friend. I never thought she will be my wife actually. We met after 9years since childhood. Then we talked to each other and shared our opinions and thoughts. In some months we realized that our thoughts are pretty much same. And I was waiting my whole life to find a person who will think like me. Also, I am really amazed to see her personalities. So, basically, her sparkling eyes charmed me as well.


Most people don't know!!

Staap It

My girlfriend is a foreign girl. She comes with different values then American women. Far more down to Earth in matter of what REALLY matters day to day. What I found attractive ? Her steady rational person. She is a constant. Never sad, not uptight, but, always a happy girl. I KNOW at times she feels pressures. She does not show it. KNOWING her though, I can pick out things she only mentions in talking that are on her mind, and she is thinking about. FOR INSTANCE she is going to turn 30 years old this birthday. My part to help her ... I made a big deal of needing a new picture to replace the one over my couch. We made a new picture of her. She is absolutely Gorgeous. SO now I just point to that picture. Description : The original was a close up of part of her face she took herself. HA ! I tricked her. I loved the curious look. I told her there was a mark on my lens. And set the timer, put the camera down and walked away. I knew she would be curious. This one is of her on her belly in lingerie. I used a Halogen work light as a spot light kind of to illuminate her face from across the room. The one I chose I had to crop, then enlarge to poster size, only the top of her body and face. You know kind of sexy this time, because that is what she needed now. NOT porno, acceptable for anyone to see. Anyone can see, the girl is beautiful. BUT, do remember your question ..... I love her because of her solid demeanor. A constant happy girl.


Sounds like a twin. David. Are y'alls birthdays around the same time?