What to Keep in Mind When Looking Gifts for Any Bridal Party?



By presenting different kinds of items to each recipient, you are showing your bridal party that you put thought into choosing an item for each of them. However, you may want to make sure that all gifts more or less fall in the same price range. You don’t want to give the impression that one person is more important than the other.


It's actually easier if you don't try to find one gift that everyone will like. So just come up with a dollar amount you want to spend per person and think about it. Some of the stuff I've gotten or seen: wallets, clutch purses, sunglasses, bath and body stuff, nice candle sets, brandy, jewelry, etc.


Just buy things they like.


What the bride might really need or want. If she's a mature working person with her own household she probably doesn't need a bunch of home wares and might prefer a spa day. If she's a newbie still living with parents or roommates a gift card to a home goods store is usually appreciated because she'll have to set up her own household for the first time.

BEYOUtiful: Here's a suggestion

Here's a suggestion: brides often give jewelry to their bridesmaids that they can wear to the wedding. I may do this - the jewelry I will give them are simple gold necklaces with a pendant (found on Etsy). One will have a pearl, one will have a cross, one with a gemstone, etc... it's unique to their personalities, they can wear it on the day of the wedding or anytime! You can do a gift bag with face masks and lipgloss or lipstick with a nice handwritten note.


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